Port Townsend’s Kinetic Sculpture Race

Kinetic Skulpture vehicle Whale on a Trapeze

Each year in October, Port Townsend hosts the Kinetic Sculpture Race. We have a parade, the Koronation Kostume Ball and race. In the race the human powered Kinetic Skulptures have to traverse a varied course that includes streets with hills, Port Townsend Bay,  a sand dune at Fort Worden State Park and a mud pit at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The race and festival offer many prizes, the most coveted of which is the Mediocrity award. Entries come mostly from the West Coast but teams come from as far away as Maryland.

Whale on a Trapeze returning to land

While kostumes aren't required, dressing up is part of the fun

A pre-race sobriety test requires making a balloon animal (of no specific species)


  • Howdy…any chance you took some pics of me…Valentino the Great Lion Tamer with my Loyal Lion Leonardo and FiFi La Pink? You caught just a bit of me in the pic above of the other Judges sitting…I’m on the left. Am hoping someone caught me in a mini movie so you can see Leonardo in action. thanks, For The Glory

  • Sorry, Valentino. I mostly took photos of the vehicles and race. Don’t have any more of you.

  • What fun! Love the Killer Whale!

  • Do you have a link to more photos from this year’s event?

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